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     Every teenage girl struggles with self-esteem at some point in life. Negative self-esteem has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with deceit. The sad thing is that negative self-esteem is typically a choice. Yes, you can choose whether you want to have a positive or a negative self-image. It can often be difficult, but it is doable.       The way that a girl looks at herself determines her level of confidence. Strength and beauty come from good self-esteem. This is often difficult to attain, particularly in today's society. Unfortunately comparison has become extremely domineering. Comparison is a thief which leaves young woman feeling bereft of all joy. This leads to a feeling of incompetence and self-doubt.       Our world has established standards which women are expected to meet. If they don't meet these hefty requirements then they simply aren't good enough. Who is actually capable of determining what ' good' really means? Everyone has the